Water Quality Tester – Total Dissolved Solids


TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) Meter Water Quality Tester

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TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) Meter Water Quality Tester

Total dissolved solids (TDS) are the amount of organic and inorganic materials, such as metals, minerals, salts, and ions, dissolved in a particular volume of water; TDS are essentially a measure of anything dissolved in water that is not an H2O molecule. Here’s a good link for more information, including types of dissolved solids.

We like this unit, we tested it on me mate’s farm, and it showed a clear difference between tank water, trough water, etc. We kept records over time periods and it Works Good.

This lightweight and portable digital TDS meter is great for testing water purity, such as drinking water, cattle troughs, hydroponics and gardening, pools and spas, aquariums and reef tanks, water ionizers, Water Filter effectiveness.


Do not drop the entire TDS meter in water of dip beyond the maximum immersion level. This unit is not water-tight & is not covered under the warranty if water enters the unit

Highly efficient and accurate,
Instant reading, Shows the TDS value instantly after immersed into liquid on the LCD Screen
With HOLD FUNCTION, freezes the measurement, easy to read out of the water
Built-in Digital Thermometer, shows the liquid temperature in °C and °F
Energy-saving, power-off automatically after stop using 5 minutes to save the battery
Comes with a case, protects your tester after use


TDS Test Range: 0-9990ppm (mg/L)
Resolution: 1ppm (0999ppm), 10ppm (10009990ppm, indicated by x10 image)
Temperature Test Range: 0-50°C/ 32-122°F
Accuracy: ±2%
Temperature Compensation: 0- 50°C
Power: 2 x LR44 button cell (included)
Battery life: approx. 1000 hrs
Operating Temperature: 0°C-60°C
Size: 144×23×13mm (L×W×D)
Weight: 28g
Package Includes:

1×TDS-3 Tester
1×Leather Case


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