High Range Water Quality 16-in-1 Test Strips x 100 – SIXTEEN VARIABLES!


Water Quality 16-in-1 Test Strips for Swimming Pool and Spa. That’s right, an amazing SIXTEEN TEST PARAMETERS. And – 100 x TEST STRIPS.

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Water Quality 16-in-1 Test Strips (100) for Water Quality, Swimming Pool, Spa etc

100 test strips & SIXTEEN TEST TARGETS! =

  1. pH
  2. Hardness
  3. Cyanuric Acid
  4. Total Chlorine
  5. Free Chlorine
  6. Bromine
  7. Nitrate
  8. Nitrite
  9. Iron
  10. Chromium/Cr(VI)
  11. Lead
  12. Copper
  13. Mercury
  14. Fluoride
  15. Carbonate Root
  16. Total Alkalinity

Curious about your water quality?

Got a paddle pool or kids’ swimming pool? You can add chlorine yourself to keep the mossies etc out. Measure the level to ensure it’s not too high and is safe with these Water Quality 16-in-1 Test Strips. Do your own research please, here’s a link, and another, to give you an idea.

Tests for two more measures than the 5-in1 also available here.


Designed for testing the pH/alkalinity, residual chlorine, bromine, total chlorine, etc
Portable and convenient, easy to use
High precision and easy operation
Water testing for swimming pools, spa pools, or any water body
Tests free chlorine, pH, total hardness, etc

Material: Paper
Test targets: 16 in 1
Quantity: 100 Strips/Bottle
Total Hardness: 0 ~ 100
Total Chlorine Range: 010
Free Chlorine Range: 0 ~ 10, Free Bromine Range: 022
pH Range: 6.8 ~ 8.4
Total Alkalinity: 0 ~ 240, Cyanuric acid

Package includes:
100 x Water Quality 16-in-1 Test Strips


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