Solder Removal Tool – Aluminium De-solder Pump With Tip 22cm


Material: Aluminum frame, Plastic parts, stainless steel. Nozzle tip diameter: Appx 2.0mm. Body diameter: Apps 18mm. Overall Length: Apps 210mm. Maximum Suction: 35 (cm-Hg).

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Solder Removal Tool – Aluminium Frame De-solder Pump With Tip 22cm

This de-solder tool is made of aluminium frame and some plastic parts and has strong suction.

De-soldering Sucker Pump Tool – Vacuum Solder Removal.

Durable. The pump has high suction force, has a removable Teflon tip for easy cleaning.

Great tool for removing solder from circuit boards during repair work. The solder suckers have professional finish and reliability.

Material: Aluminum, Plastic, stainless steel

Nozzle tip diameter: Appx 2.0mm

Body diameter: Apps 18mm

Overall Length: Apps 210mm

Maximum Suction: 35 (cm-Hg).

Operation: To use the pump, push down the plunger, and it will click in place. When it is ready to be used, the black button on the pump will release the plunger when pressed, and create a vacuum that sucks up the molten solder.

Package includes: 1 pcs x De-soldering pump

1. Push the suction piston down until it clicks in place.
2. Heat solder joints to solder with soldering iron.
3. Remove the iron and quickly put the tin suction in place and press the button.
4. If It is not cleaned at one time, can be repeated many times.

1. Check solder sucker piston seal. Use a finger to plug the hole of solder sucker head, press the plunger down, if the piston is not easy to pop into place, the seal is good.


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