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Pinless, Non-Invasive, Digital Moisture Meter, Water Leak Detector, Moisture Tester

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Moisture Meter, Non-Invasive Inductive Pinless Digital LCD Wood Moisture Meter KC-318

Digital Pinless Non-invasive Inductive Moisture Meter – Hard Wood, Soft Wood, Drywall, Masonry Scanner.

Tricolor Bar Graph Indicator for Timber, Board, Wet, Dry Tester.

Product name:KC-318 Non-Invasive Inductive Moisture Meter
Product category: Moisture meter
Product characteristics: Non-invasive inductive principles are used to non-destructively measure the moisture content of wood, walls or other building materials.

Product specification: Functions:
● Dynamic measurement of moisture content of wood and building materials
● Does not damage the surface to be tested
● LED status bar indicates current moisture status
● High-definition LCD display with backlight
● Beep sound warning function
● Data hold function
● Automatic backlighting
● Low battery alert function
● Auto power off function
● One 9V alkaline battery power supply
● Moisture measurement range:

Softwood: 0 to 53%
Hardwood: 0 to 35%
Drywall and building materials: 0~100%
Applications: Quickly and accurately measure the moisture content of wood, walls, other surfaces and building materials.

INTELLIGENT GAUGE – No need to dig two pins into the surface anymore. This is a non-invasive & non-marring pinless moisture meter with an electromagnetic sensor located on its back. Its intelligent design allows users to measure wood moisture content without damaging the testing sample.
BIG & CLEAR DISPLAY – Measurement is shown on its 2-inch monitor with backlight, clearly observe even in basements without adequate lightings.
TRICOLOR INDICATOR – A tricolor LED bar graph indicator is built under the display monitor. Green, yellow and red LED lights up indicating Dry, Normal and Wet moisture level. Measurement is easily understandable even for beginners.
BUILT-IN 4 TYPES OF MATERIAL SETTING – separate settings for (1) Drywall, (2) Masonry, (3) Softwoods and (4) Hardwoods. Taking different kinds of density into account provides a more accurate moisture measurement result.
OTHER FUNCTIONS – With buzzer alarm, data hold, auto power off, auto calibration. Ideal for craftsmen, DIY enthusiasts, woodworkers, contractors, building inspectors, water damage remediates, timber industry.

WIDE MEASURING RANGE – Soft Wood : 0%~53%; 0%~35% Hardwood; Moisture readings of drywall and masonry are relative values.
ACCURACY & MAX SENSING DEPTH – The accuracy is ±4% (Softwood & Hardwood). The Maximum Sensing Depth is 20mm.
CLEAR DISPLAY & INDICATOR W/ BACKLIT – It equips with 50mm LCD display with backlight function and tri-color bar indicator. Perfect for working in the dark if the power’s off!


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