Meth Test Kit – 10 x instant on-site tests


Box of 10 DIY on-site meth testing kits, instant result. Use these kits to sample any property for meth contamination. Easy & reliable DIY & PRO testing kits. 1.5μg NZ Standards level.

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10 x instant on-site meth testing kits

DIY test your house, rental, or any surface.

Reliable, accurate, sensitive and easy to use test kits. Designed for the D.I.Y. user as a first screening measure. Ideal for landlords, buyers, tenants and tradies. HabiCare NZ Ltd brand.

Kit includes: 10x long-stemmed swabs, 10x bottles of extraction solution, 10x test cassettes, set of stickers if you’d like to notify tenant’s visitors or some such, gloves, 100cm2 cards and easy step-by-step instructions.

  • Essential for Landlords, Buyers, Tenants and Tradespeople

  • Easy to use and results within minutes

  • Developed in NZ and overseas

  • Extensively field and laboratory tested

  • Contains enough tests for a large property

  • Designed for the DIY user as a first screening measure

  • Saves you $$

Some properties have been used for the clandestine manufacture of methamphetamine which means not only is the invisible drug itself deposited in extremely high concentrations, but so are the dangerously toxic precursor chemicals and the nasty chemicals used to extract the drug.

​This kit allows the DIY user to quickly screen for the presence of methamphetamine to provide a basic positive/negative answer. The level at which we can detect methamphetamine is deliberately set low (1.5 micrograms for this listing) so that no special training is required to take samples.

What is the next step if a result is positive?

The first thing to understand is that a tiny amount of methamphetamine will obtain a positive result. It is quite possible that the amount detected could be well under any local authority’s guideline limit. That said, some people will have a zero tolerance policy regardless of guidance levels. If a positive result is obtained for any particular area, we suggest laboratory tests are completed to provide actual levels for any given area tested area.

​Welcome to email us if you have any queries.

What is the purpose of the BLANK?

It is optional to do a bland or ‘field control’ sample kit. Doing a field control outside the property establishes that the kits work and that the surface wiped (eg a car panel) has no meth contamination.

Scientists often use blanks to establish what a truly negative result should look like. Sometimes a random blank is submitted with a set of samples.

​This system has been designed with a blank so that the user can establish visually that two clear lines represents a negative result. The blank should be processed before the other tests.


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