Instant LEAD TEST KIT x 60 – Test House Paint, Metal, Ceramics


Suitable for detecting lead in materials such as tableware, paint & cosmetics. Each plastic jar contains 60 lead test swabs which = 60 tests.

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Instant LEAD TEST KIT – Test House Paint, Metal, Ceramics – SIXTY Cotton Swabs

Product Description:
1. High sensitivity detection, easy to use, test, high test accuracy

2. Test cotton swab can accurately detect the lead content of the substance within 30 seconds.

3. Each plastic jar contains SIXTY lead test swabs, which = 60 tests.

4. Can test on most painted surfaces

Do not put it in your mouth, keep out of reach of children or pets.

Category: Lead Type Testing
Specifications and models: lead type 60 pieces/barrel

Scope of application: suitable for lead inspection of substances, such as tableware, paint, cosmetics, etc.

Packing List:
60 x Lead Test Swabs

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Convenient to Use:
Shake off the excess liquid on the cotton swab,
when the tip of the swab is mustard yellow,
quickly use the lead test stick to rub the painted surface for 30 seconds, and observe the colour change.

Lead test swabs for toys, woodworking, tableware, jewellery, bathtub glazes, pottery, antiques, and plumbing surfaces provide instant testing, suitable for most painted ceramic surfaces.


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