Hydrometer – Alcohol, Home Brew & Beer Tester – with tube


Alcohol Hydrometer Thermometer Vinometer Alcohol Meter

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Alcohol percentage measurer Hydrometer

Vinometer for Beer, Home Brew with Thermometer


COMES WITH! – 100ml Plastic Test Tube For hydrometer alcohol percentage measuring for Homebrew, Whiskey, Alcohol, Beer, Wine or Mead.

With protective box, easy to use and store alcohol meter and thermometer.
An alcohol meter and temperature concentration conversion table.
Suitable for home brewing, wine factories, chemical factories, laboratory and so on

Alcohol meter must be clean and dry before using (cleaned by soap or alcohol).
After cleaning the alcohol meter, your hands can’t touch parts of the equipment, use gloves is best.
Clean the measuring cylinder before filling with alcohol, in case that it will influence the result.
Mix the alcohol fully, when bubbles disappear, you can put the alcohol meter in.
Use to measure white spirit, beer, but may not always be suitable for wine depending on acidity.

to give a good idea about how to use a hydrometer, here’s a link.

Specification: Material:

High Quality Glass

Measure Range: 0-100 C

Minimum Scale: 1C

Weight: 140g

Package Includes: Alcohol percentage measurer hydrometer; 1 x 0-40% Alcohol Meter 1 x 40-70% Alcohol Meter 1 x 70-100% Alcohol Meter 1 x 0-40% Thermometer 1 x Plastic Box 1 x Alcohol Meter Temperature Concentration Conversion Table.

Plenty of other testing gear here.


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