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TWO X 500ml bottles with pump dispenser.

High quality product. Kills 99.99% of virus and bacteria – 70% ethanol .

Mid viscosity gel = not too thin or too thick, non greasy or sticky.

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TWO X 500ml bottle Hand Sanitizer with pump dispenser.

High quality hand sanitizer. (See our testimonials – it’s a favourite of many varied users).

70% ethanol kills 99.99% of virus and bacteria. Mid viscosity gel = not too thin or watery, and not a too slippery, thick or sticky gel – a great recipe! And high quality manufacturing processes.

Clearance Sale for the last few boxes of this batch.
DATE OF MANUFACTURE 22/04/2020 (stamped on bottle)
BEST BEFORE DATE 22/04/2023 (alcohol does not expire)

HabiCare Hand Sanitiser 500ml bottle is an effective hand sanitiser gel in a convenient pump action dispenser bottle, with wide base and low profile for extra stability. The bottle shape makes it particularly suitable for benchtop placement in the home, office or commercial setting, but also snugly fits most drink cup holders in cars for those on the go and with no access to regular hand washing.
Each pump action delivers the correct amount of non-greasy easy to spread HabiCare Hand Sanitiser for optimal sanitation. HabiCare Hand Sanitiser 70% alcohol is the ideal medically proven concentration. Higher concentrations of alcohols have a negative effect on efficacy. This is the preferred medical rubbing alcohol due to being less desiccating (drying) and less irritating to live skin cells.
HabiCare Hand Sanitizer has been medically formulated to ensure maximum effectiveness against susceptible pathogenic bacteria and viruses, with the benefit of having minimal effect to your skin.
HabiCare Hand Sanitizer is made is a high-tech modern factory, ensuring that HabiCare Hand Sanitizer products are made to the highest quality.

SHIPPING: the way courier costs work out, it’s the same shipping cost for one to six bottles. So, take advantage of value shipping and get more than one bottle. For a box or two of 12 bottles per box, click on that product listing to get even better bulk value buying and shipping.

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All quality and safety docs available on request, GS1 barcode.

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Dimensions10 × 12 × 17 cm


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