20 x clear 100ml bottles with Mist Spray Atomiser


20 x 100ml plastic PET bottles with matching mist spray atomiser cap.

Clear bottle, 20/410 neck, fine mist spray.

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20 x BOTTLES – Mist Spray Atomiser cap on a pump bottle -TWENTY BOTTLES & CAPS.
100ml PET plastic CLEAR bottle with matching fine spray mister atomiser.

Has a fine mist spray atomiser. Ideal for perfume, moisturiser, essential oils, liquids, aromatherapy, sanitizer, etc. Mist spray bottles offer a continuous spray that lasts for a few seconds, making it much faster and easier to moisturize your hair without tiring out your hands.

Tech detail: 20/410 neck & cap, dip tube 125.
This means the dip tube is 125mm long and the neck of the bottle is 20mm wide external measurement

See other listings on our website for 100ml opaque bottles, and 100ml clear bottles with 20/410 neck.

Steel springs in pump sprays = SUPERIOR QUALITY.

Select how many bottles you’d like, or see other listings for great value single, or 100 bottles.


Note – there are shipping options when buying now through the website, however with larger quantities and locations shipping can get complicated.

We will combine postage no problem. Welcome to email us with your order and we can quote best shipping price.

Fine mist sprayers are designed with the user in mind. Spring loaded dispensing, and sloped tops require minimal effort for a continuous spray. Clear styrene hoods are included with every fine mist sprayer. This highly durable plastic hood fits snuggly into place over the sprayer head to prevent accidental dispensing.


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