Hand Sanitizer Box of 12 x 500ml Bottles – CLEARANCE SALE

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12 x 500ml bottles of our super high quality 70% ethanol Hand Sanitiser.

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Clearance sale of the last few boxes of this batch.
Best Before date 22 April 2023 – 5 months from start of sale.
3 years after Date of Manufacture (alcohol does not expire)

Availability: In stock

One Box of 12 x 500ml bottles of our super high quality 70% ethanol Hand Sanitizer. 70% ethanol is the recommended ethanol percentage to kill 99.99% of viruses, germs and bacteria.

Clearance Sale for the last few boxes of this batch.
DATE OF MANUFACTURE 22/04/2020 (stamped on bottle)
BEST BEFORE DATE 22/04/2023 (alcohol does not expire)

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HabiCare Hand Sanitiser is an ethyl alcohol-based medical-grade hand sanitiser. 70% alcohol is the preferred medical rubbing alcohol and is effective against many common bacteria and viruses including Influenza and Corona type viruses.
70% ethyl alcohol is less drying and less irritating to live skin cells than higher percentages of alcohol. Isopropyl alcohol is a different type of alcohol also used in hand sanitisers but is considered more dangerous to handle and more harmful to humans.
HabiCare Hand Sanitizer contains Carbomer, as do most hand sanitizers and many other gel products. Manufacturers use carbomer to vary gel characteristics such as how thin or thick the liquid is.
HabiCare Hand Sanitiser can be used as a supplement to regular hand washing, or when soap and water hand washing is not possible. It helps reduce the risk of viral and bacterial transmission.
Try our superior ethyl-alcohol based formula and keep yourself safe.

All documents available on request: Safety Data Sheet, Quality and Certification docs, GST receipt and GS1 barcode on the bottle


Weight6.5 kg
Dimensions30 × 33 × 19 cm

4 reviews for Hand Sanitizer Box of 12 x 500ml Bottles – CLEARANCE SALE

  1. Steven Draper

    Bought 6 boxes for the factory, quick delivery, well packaged and easy to use product. Will reorder.Thanks!

  2. Tarus Yanakopulos

    Great product, highly recommend! Not greasy like others I have tried.

  3. kimdaonz

    We been buying this sanitiser since last year and still reordering for our hair salon. Highly recommended to everyone. Thanks for the product. 👍

  4. Tom

    Good hand sanitizer and great service, highly recommended

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