100 ml Clear Plastic Bottle with Fine Mist Spray Cap Atomiser


100ml plastic PET bottle. Clear with fine mist sprayer.

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100 ml Clear Plastic Bottle with Fine Mist Spray Cap Atomiser

Pump Spray Atomiser Fine Mist Bottle
100ml PET plastic CLEAR bottle with matching atomiser pump spray mister.

Has a fine mist sprayer. Ideal for perfume, moisturiser, essential oils (not too oily or the liquid won’t go through the atomiser easily, liquids, aromatherapy, sanitizer, etc.

Tech detail: 20/410 neck & cap, dip tube 125.
This means the dip tube is 125mm long and the neck of the bottle is 20mm wide external measurement

See other listings on our website for great value 20 and 50 bottle options, 100ml opaque fine mist bottles, and 100ml clear bottles with 20/410 neck.

Steel springs in pump sprays = SUPERIOR QUALITY.

Select how many bottles you’d like, or see other listings for great value lots of 10 t0 1500 bottles.


Note – there are shipping options when buying now through the website, however with larger quantities and locations shipping can get complicated.

We will combine postage no problem. Welcome to email us with your order and we can quote best shipping price.

Benefits of PET plastic bottles
  • Lightweight: Cost-effective to produce and require less energy to transport
  • Safe: Do not shatter and cause a hazard if broken or damaged
  • Convenient: Because they are safe and lightweight, they are also convenient for on-the-go consumption
  • Re-sealable: Suitable for multi-serve packs
  • Recyclable: Can be recycled so that the PET can be used over and over again
  • Sustainable: Increasing numbers of PET plastic bottles are made from recycled PET
  • Distinctive: Can be moulded into different shapes, enabling brands to use them to build identity and promote drinks
  • Flexible: Manufacturers can switch from one bottle shape or size to another, meaning a high level of efficiency


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