About HabiCare NZ

HabiCare NZ Ltd is a partner company of Habitat Investments Limited (1993), which is the legal name for Habitat Property Services (HPS).

Being in trade for nearly 30 years without bankruptcy or court case is a testament to the honesty and Fair Trading Practices of the people who run these two companies.

Yes, we're saying we stand by our products and services, and that we do all we can to deserve the trust of our clients and customers.

There are many happy hand sanitizer customers who have given us great testimonials you can check out here.

hand santizer

About Habitat Property Services


Habitat Property Services mainly does toxicology and chemical contamination sampling such as for meth and asbestos in Auckland and uses PPE as part of their daily services. Some of HPS' clients wanted to purchase tools or testing kits etc for their own use. Along came Covid and the shortage of hand sanitizer in Auckland, which became HabiCare's first and main product on their e-commerce website.

Other products apart from hand sanitiser or hand sanitizer gel will include moisture testing tools and equipment, formaldehyde and meth testing kits etc, and other products which will mostly fit in with the HabiCare - Caring for our Habitat idea. The concept of making your Habitat safer.

Contact us anytime on our website form, or email sales@habicare.nz.

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